Friday, March 14, 2008


(In memory of a class-mate)

I hate those words sound ‘goodbye’
It snatched my beloved while I cry

She deserted me in hours of need
I’m stranded alone on a shore, indeed

Nights have gone and days slipped away
Alas! I could not get for what I pray

If I had known, you are leaving me
Would have loved you more, I plea

Now days and nights belong to the past
Such is a path where life shows contrast

Those days so remote now eclipsed by time
Like stars behind misty clouds, hazy and sublime

Cherished moments stand still for none
Nostalgic dreams, my wish, my yearn

Let’s share a few minutes together again
First we shared ecstasy now share the pain

Published in Weekly MAG, March 12-18, 2003, The Nation & The News of April 19, 2003

Muhammad Mahtab Bashir

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