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After the debacle of 9/11, the wind of change blows across seas challenging the Muslim youth with enlarge manifolds. These challenges pose the responsibility with diversity on various views that world has come up with, including the widespread belief of ‘Islamophobia’ and Clash of Civilization. Unfortunately, the global media is an important agent in accentuating the negative notion against the Muslims using their soft power. With internal weaknesses, divisions on multiple lines Muslims has became easy prey to this newly waged war. This approach deepens the division between the Muslims and the Western world and invariably leads to a clash of civilization. To counter these damaging effects, there is a need to impress upon the world that the cause of peace in the world is achievable through interfaith harmony. Pakistani youth in particular and Muslim youth of the world in general, face the task to revert much enchanted glory lost by Muslim Ummah. Intellectual lethargy and slamming the doors shut to logical inquiry has become the order of the Muslim world of today with indulgence of the youth in fruitless activities. Muslim youth may easily get on with violence and agitation without realizing its repercussion and hence their naivety has lead to further obscurity.

Regaining lost glory would depend on overcoming the impediments faced by us all from the shore of River Nile to Sands of Kashgher. Muslims would not be able to counter the growing challenges with use of force, suicidal attacks, violence, and agitation but with inculcation and sharing of new ideas and scholarship. It must be kept in mind that knowledge is true spirit of Islam—a religion that supports critical thinking and we can revert back the splendor by implanting critical analytical skills and reasoning rather than aping various norms of the west. The image of Muslims projected by the media is often distorted, fragmented and clouded by fast changing global events. A selective and unfamiliar aspect of a particular Muslim Country's social behavior often being projected negatively. To defy the propaganda, we have to focus our energies in proving that Muslims are primarily peace loving and tolerant souls. Along with this we have to increase our specialization of societal institutions like political system, law and order, economic management, and education.

To encounter with modernity, the Muslim Ummah has shun its doors but with torch bearers of our glorious past, we as Pakistani and Muslim youth are standing hand in hand with the rest of the world. With these objectives and using the technological means launching of THE RISE would provide us a platform where we can all express our inside out not only with each other but with the world at large.

Using cutting-edge Internet technology for the world to obtain information about Pakistan and to dissuade what they think about us

Mission Statement:

To empower the youth of Pakistan with a capacity to comprehend the significance of their role to project Pakistan as a modern and progressive nation all over the world

· To reflect the true soft image of a progressive, enlightened and affluent Pakistan by its inhabitants across the world as envisaged by its founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
· To promote country's art and culture and to educate the world about the rich and diversified Muslim history and culture
· To underline a pragmatic approach and to create a democratic culture in Pakistan that will undo all the accusations of being labeled as a Rogue State or The Most Dangerous Place on Earth claimed by international media
· To explain and project Pakistan in all its dimensions of thought and action, dream and materialization of the dream without raising controversy or complex issues
· To project our standpoint on contemporary subjects such as Socio-cultural issues on which country is facing severe censure
· To inculcate a sense of responsibility among the youth of Pakistan to make Pakistan more thriving State
· To address and explain all misrepresentation regarding Pakistani society and to explain our point of view in a positive way
· To elucidate in world eyes the major development and economic targets and achievements Pakistan met within recent years
· To endorse nationalism among the masses that can evolve into Muslim unity



Destruction is easy…
Constructive & creative behaviour requires more. Are you expecting to get & take something from the world or are you contributing and giving something back? If we all just take, there’s soon nothing left.

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