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Hürrem Sultan says she hates her boy friend (Can Ateş)

Meryem Uzerli catapulted to fame due to her role as Hurrem Sultan in the Turkish soap Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century). An Urdu dubbing of the show “Maira Sultan (My King) has captivated the Pakistani audience, who remain glued to the TV screens when the soap is on air. Hurrem has become a household name here.

Meryem, 31, won the Best Actress Award in 2012 for her immaculate depiction of a woman who tried everything to win the heart of Suleiman The Magnificent, the Turk king. Despite the fame and massive appreciation, Meryem left the drama series in 2013 and went to Germany. Another Turkish actress played her role in the last 4 episodes of the series.

Meryem says she suffered from “Burnout Syndrome” and had to split up from Can Ateş, her boyfriend, a notorious Turkish playboy, after she became pregnant and he forced her for an abortion.

Meryem is currently expecting her baby and undergoing therapy while living a quiet life in Germany.

Meryem Uzerli (Meriem Sarah Userli) has become a worldwide star after being selected for the Hürrem Sultan (Roxelena) role.

She was a modest actress until fame knocked her door. A cast search led her to become one of the most popular actresses in recent years.

Meryem Uzerli was born in Kassel – Germany. She was the 4th child of her family. His family was formed by a Turkish father and a German mother.

In her early childhood the family was moved to Hamburg and Meryem Uzerli started to take acting lessons. From 2000 until 2003, she studied acting at the Frese acting studio in Hamburg and took part in minor parts in several German productions. Until the cast selection of Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl) she was working as an actress in Germany and she was far away from the fame when she has now.

The turning point of Meryem Uzerli’s life is the cast selection of the Turkish tv series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl - Magnificent Century”. The selection took eight long months.  Just like Hürrem Sultan’s challenge to be the one for Magnificent Süleyman, Meryem Uzerli worked hard to get the role by showing her talent over the other candidates.

After the announce of the results of this important selection. Meryem Uzerli was called from Turkey. With a brave decision, she left her life and family in Germany and moved to Turkey.

Besides having a Turkish father, Meryem Uzerli unfortunately could not speak Turkish very well. Just like Hürrem Sultan she started to learn Turkish. Her accent was a key point of the realism of her role. And she performed the role very well.

In the year of 2011, Meryem Uzerli won the best woman actress award for two times and in 2012 she won best woman drama actress award.

In her private life, she enjoys riding, swimming and basketball. Also she likes walking in the famous streets of İstanbul as Nişantaşı and Etiler. Her favorite sports team is Galatsaray, her favorite foods are sphagetti and kebab, deserts are sütlaç and muhallebi, her favorite colors are blue and red.

Meryem Uzerli, who plays Hürrem Sultan on the famous Turkish series “Magnificent Century”, has left the country to seek treatment at a clinic in Berlin for burnout.
The producer of the series, Timur Savcı, said they had decided to go on without Uzerli. Uzerli is having psychological problems and cannot solve them, Savcı said. Uzerli had said previously that she had burnout syndrome. However, the director’s assistant Burcu Alptekin said Uzerli worked only five days a week. Since Uzerli left the series and went to Berlin, many things have been written about her. 

While some of the reports said she had left the series for money, some said it was because she worked a lot. The only right thing about Uzerli is that she had psychological problems. According to the latest reports on Uzerli and the “Magnificent Century,” the series will continue with a new, older Hürrem Sultan. The series will continue the storyline 15 years later and Hürrem will be older, the producer said.
Uzerli’s boyfriend, Can Ateş, told daily Hürriyet that Uzerli had gone through very hard times. “For three months many bad things happened, and many people said Meryem Uzerli had left the series for money. However, she had health issues.” It is said that Uzerli earned less money than the rest of the leading actors in the series. Ateş said: “Uzerli not that kind of person. Money is not the issue here.” 

Can also added that Uzerli was currently undergoing treatment and had a doctor’s report. However, added Ateş, even the producer did not believe her situation and her health condition. The producer of the series said Uzerli would have to leave her hotel room by May 31.
Savcı could not reach Uzerli and asked the hotel to empty her room and the hotel team sent an email to Uzerli. “People thought that I do not pay her the money that she deserves, and this made me an unfair man. I do not know what Uzerli thinks, and I could not reach her. But I want to solve this problem as soon as possible.” The series will finish one week early because of the crisis, he added.

Courtesy Hürriyet Daily News

Sunday, October 6, 2013


‘I think so,’ I said to Mulloo yesterday, ‘Allah Mian has stopped loving us Pakistanis’. ‘Why?’ she asked. ‘Bhai, just look. I don’t mean to make huge and cry about it, but first He sent us floods, then He sent us earthquakes. Then he gave us dengue. Then he sent bijli problem. And then He gave us Talibans. Azaab after azaab.’

‘But if Imran Khan…’ Mulloo began. ‘Forgot. Allah Mian gave us that nut case Imran Khan also. Ub how much more can a nation take?’ ‘No need to speak like that, ji!’ she snapped. ‘You’ve been brain washed by that lefty husband of yours.’ Mulloo is a dye hard PTI burger na.

Throughout elections she wore a green polyester kameez with Imran’s face plastered over her belly. ‘Talibans are not our enemies. Asal mein they’re heroes, fighting a war of liberation’. ‘From who? From Christians of Peshawar?’ ‘No baba. You don’t know anything. From Americans.’

‘So that’s why they’re killing us? Because they’re angry with Americans?’ ‘You know na, that America’s sending them drawns. So it’s badla for drawns. Talibans are very fair like that.’

‘So why they can’t take badla from Americans, then, if they’re so fair? Why, are they killing Christians? Killing Shias? Shooting Malala? Why they burnt schools in Dir? Beheaded singers in Swat? Haan? Badla from America?’

‘Tau aur kya? If we follow Imran and do sullah with them and give them a nice, cool sa office with split ACs and leather sofas, then they’ll start loving us. Even Christians and Shias and womens’. ‘Chalo let’s give them an office on that new island that’s come up off Balochistan’s coast after the earthquake, okay?’

‘Voh tau it’s full of mud and dirt and gives off smelly gases’. ‘But it’s Naya Pakistan, like your leader promised’. ‘No ji, they’ll want something more comfy.’

‘Idea aya, Mulloo. Why not make acchha spacy sa office inside Imran’s mention in Bani Gala? He lives all alone there. Must have so much of wastrel space. And getting lonely also’

‘No ji, he doesn’t live there alone. For your info he lives there with his dogs, okay?’ ‘Tau that’s good, no? He’ll have a few more animals to aliven things up.’

Courtesy TFT