Tuesday, March 4, 2008


By Muhammad Mahtab Bashir

Man is the superlative species on the face of this planet, in improved words Ashraf-ul-Makhlukaat. He is sappy and sentimental by instinct that is why he is also known as a puppet of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean he has to commit the same blunder to let others aware, he is a human being after all. May be this is why; he is inclined to show devious attitude of which he is proscribed to do. Not only demonstrates his divergence but to execute it in perfection.

A lot of questions crop up to a thinking mind here. Is it a natural instinct of a man or his own bully attitude wrapped in his own intuition? What is the rationale behind this phenomenon and why man articulates in such way?

Why we feel our ego at cloud nine soon after violating the traffic rules? Why we sense great deal of bliss after depriving off a poor man to his basic rights? Are these acts are really good enough to boost our self-image? Does our society a patient of psychological disorder or do we have limited options? Are these societal felonies individual act or collective? Are we morally a dead nation? How we are contributing to this society with breaking the norms? Social behavior helps building social standards and values that make society flourish.

The foremost recipe of disastrous society is breaking the rules and regulations. If a guilty person is not fervently condemned by others, he without sparing a single second developed it as a habit. Another cause of immature society is helping the same culprit when majority of people embraced his thoughts to give him a boost in sinister activities. Now society is multiplying rogues from one to many.

I never understand why in our society, where we understand the meaning of “No Parking”, yet we park our four wheelers there. Majority of us comprehend “Please don’t sit here” as to sit nowhere but to this very spot. Why we pluck the flowers right after reading the tiny sentence at the same place, “Please, don’t pluck the flower”. Why we dispose off our waste right at the same place where it is written, “Don’t throw waste here”. There are so many advertisement leaflets and brochures pasted on the same wall where it is prominently written, “Please don’t paste any ad here.” Why it happens in our society? Is it lack of understanding due to ill-education? Is it a sign of psychological frustration? Is it because of poor management on behalf of the concerned authority? Or is it a result of clash of mind? Why it happened, no one is ready to accept the flaw; this is why our society is one of the frailest in a living world.

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