Monday, March 31, 2008


This and the preceding overseas letter to the editor of the Peshawar, Pakistan FRONTIER POST are intended to help inform readers at this time of our Congressional elections as to what is happening overseas and how dangerous the Islamo-Fascist terrorists are to us all.

Today is:November 07, 2006 Tuesday 14 Shawwal, 1427 A.H.

US didn?t attack the Bajaur seminary
George L. Singleton USA

The Nov. 5, 2006 letter to editor of The Frontier Post ?An open invitation? by Muhammad Mahtab Bashir of Islamabad makes a false statement about US predators being used in the recent attack in fact carried out by Pakistani armed forces. The world is complicated enough without people making up falsehoods to blame their problems on others. The fact is that too many Madrassahs are used to brainwash and train young Pakistani boys to become Taliban terrorist fighters, sending them straight into Afghanistan in the hundreds of late. The missing alternative, which I do blame the Govern-ment of Pakistan for, is the lack of free, therefore affordable public schools in all parts of Pakistan. That need for free public schools in the NWFP and PAK is particularly acute. All moderate and rational Pakistanis need to stand up to such falsehoods. And, my friends at The Frontier Post know such wild stories are untrue and should not act like the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER to sell newspapers at the expense of the truth.

George Singleton USA
9:53AM on Nov 8th 2006

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