Friday, March 14, 2008


Days of childhood, essence of my life
The longer I grow, the larger my strife

Standing on a beach, remembering my past
Trying to recollect, those memories I’ve lost

When life meant nothing but too much fun
I spent whole days with my dear ones

Not silver, jewels, neither gems nor gold
I want nothing but my childhood to hold

Those were the days when world looks bright
And everything for me on the height of delight

Naughty feelings, care-free life and bath in rain
Were the chief activities of what I contained

Those days certainly prized possession of mine
When moon smiled at me and stars used to shine

Give me my childhood and take my adult
And I won’t care about the religious cult

Published in Young Nation of daily The Nation, 26 March, 2003, Weekly MAG, Dec 13-19, 2003

Muhammad Mahtab Bashir

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