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Mother is the most priceless blessing God has personally gift- wrapped for each one of us. As the saying goes,'God cannot be everywhere so he created mothers,' no amount of words will ever be enough to thank mother for all that she has done for me.

You are a paragon of love, a sparkling star
You curb my woes, you and dad stand at par

You teach me religion, a value of chastity
Love-oriented disciplining facts, a way of eternity

You are a soothing balm when I’m bogged down
I need your shadow not diamond, pearl or a crown

Your existence in this world is my prized possession
Every word you utter is my own expression

You express your mirth upon all my successes
You buy for me, chic toys, and posh dresses

My childish trivial worries are massive for you
You solve them with ease and that is true

You are a precious jewel in a setting of my life
Your erudite wisdom, gives me comfort, vanish strife

You lend me hands when I fell down and cry
Your presence makes me ten feet tall and high

You stand besides me neglecting everyone
I’m regretted, in response I give you none

I feel so indebted and so grateful to God
Who blessed me a simple mother, not a mod

‘The hand that rock the cradle rules the world’
Is the most ultimate truth I’ve ever heard

May your joys through life be as free
As dancing waves on the deep blue sea

Published in The Nation, Jun 2, 2007, Pakistan Observer, May 8, 2005, The weekly MAG, May 7-13 2005, May 8-14, 2004, Dec 6-12, 2003, The Nation Jun 2, 2003.

Romiya Mansoor Emails from Karachi:
May 9, 2008 10:36 PM
good janab
keep going
nice articulations of words, expressions and feelings
Take care

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