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There is no second opinion that thoughts are free. A man can never be deterred from thinking of his own. Some thoughts are of extreme fanciful nature, some are with different panorama. In his thoughts a man can be the creator of his own "Fantasy World", where there is no limitation and restriction and boundary. There he possesses power, authority and domination, of which in this realistic world are termed miracles. So one can safely articulate that miracles are "something impossible made possible".

What would I want to do if I could work miracles, is the ultimate question crops up in my mind? I have always fantasized in responding this question and my reveries kept on fluctuating with every passing moment.

During my childhood, the miracles that I often thought about were to change everything into sweets, chocolates or candies. And whenever I got cough I craved avidly for to change syrup into saccharine juice of any flavour. In my school and college days, my wishful thinking changed a bit. Now I wanted the school bell to ring when I wanted to, especially when I was in hot water to give appropriate answers to the question made by my teachers. It happened in mathematics and statistics’ class quite often, as I was the weakest link in both these subjects. I also wished for a miracle to take place in examination days when I failed to deliver my hundred percent. I fantasized that by some miraculous power my papers would burn out or disappear from the sight of that teacher, or even if my papers were marked, by dint of some invisible power the teacher would mark 11 every time instead of 1.
During the ailing days of by late brother, I bitterly prayed for just a tiny miracle, for a speedy recovery of my dear brother. As I, along with my cousins went outside on the roads to bring medicines, edibles and other stuff, we murmured to each other: “there wouldn’t be a single happiest moment of our lives more then this, if we go back home and find Moazzam bhai standing on his feet and greeting us with smile as he used to do.”

Nothing happened though. Now my thoughts and wishes changed a great deal. Firstly, I used to think about the power of working miracles as a source of joy and bliss centered on my good self. But as time progressed, my wishes and fantasies again modified.

Now, if I could work miracles, I would eradicate poverty from this world and particularly from my own place, where the genie of inflation has bottled every individual from down to middle class but has refused to be bottled. I would stamp out poverty as poverty denies mankind, not only all the amenities of life but also the basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. I would be happier to see everyone healthy with the equal distribution of wealth and prevailing law and order. Then there would be no suffering and toil and people would have a fair chance to enjoy their lives.

Last but certainly not least, if I could work miracles, I would love to eliminate all diseases on the face of this planet especially a deadly disease of cancer, that swept my brother away.

But only If I could work miracles…….

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Waseem (Nomi) from Gujranwala comments:
June 4, 2008 5:44 AM

M@ht@b! A writer of my choice. Mostly his writings are an absolute revealing of my inner thoughts. Mahtab is giving voice to my ideas. A classic piece of writing I just have finished (If I Could Work Miracles).
Hats Off:


waseem said...

M@ht@b! A writer of my choice. Mostly his writings are an absolute revealing of my inner thoughts. Mahtab is giving voice to my ideas. A classic piece of writing I just have finished (If I Could Work Miracles). Hats Off:

frenchmuslim said...

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