Sunday, May 25, 2008



One moment in life, you have shortage, the next you have excess. One day you have twenty four hours of leisure, the next you don’t have time to get it all done. One day the refrigerator is empty and you are hungry, the next day you have a half eaten meal in front of you and you are stuffed. One month you have a lot of money to spare and you wonder what to buy, the next you don’t have enough to buy a chewing gum. One day you are the centre of attraction, the next you wonder if anyone knows you are alive. This is what we call the “waves of life”.

The spiral waves of life carry us up and down and all around. Money, friends, relationships, your job, your body all vary with the passage of time. They all walk off in waves. You might get attracted to what is on the tube, what is on the web-portals or what is on the advertisement hoardings, but it’s only a wave, after a while the thrill is gone.

I have always fancied that if money and worldly things brought happiness in life, then why on this earth every rich person is not happy? I can comfortably assess how poverty may cause unhappiness but I am deluded into believing that money solves every problem. Life is full of uncertainty and a bundle of small things that matter a lot. I would not trade my life with anyone’s, as it is one of the most blessed things that I have, but still, it’s full of stuff: one thing after another, one challenge after another, one situation after another, day by day… its going and going. These are the waves of life and there’s no stopping them from the outside. You can only calm the inside so that like a submarine, you ride beneath the waves. Though a squall may be raging, but you are at ease and peace.

These waves of life have their own way of playing with people, from person to person. Most of us are tossed and turned by the cruel onslaught of waves. Some ride deep beneath the daily storms in tranquility. Others simply surf the waves and enjoy the thrill, though sometimes drown. No one can prevent these waves; it’s the nature of the ocean of life. You can only take the preventive measures but not to defy those nasty actions of waves of life. There’s no gainsaying that life is volatile. We, as a human being, never know which way the wind is going to blow, our predictions are flawed, but we have a firm believe that luck favours the brave and opportunity smiles on those who dare. The only defensive measure we can take is to adjust our sails in the right directions. We can do it by using our brainwaves. Just keep your head cool, look around you, trust in God and never lose hope; everything belongs to you.

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