Sunday, May 25, 2008



We are living in the most blessed region of this planet where Allah Almighty has bestowed us with the blessing of four to five different weathers in a year. All these climates have their own unique and exceptional values to live with. And all of these weathers have immense influence over our lives.

When the sun is shining on a cloudless day, the visibility is unlimited. The warm sun is perfect for virtually any outdoor activity, it’s nice, the old, middle aged and young all enjoy it. The plants grow fast and strong on such days.

When it is raining, you can sleep better. There is nothing more soothing than water cascading down in the constant pitter-patter of nature’s rhythm. Even walking and jogging in a rain is so refreshing. I never forget that without rain I would starve. There would eventually be no water to make the crops grow, drought would abound, and millions would perish.

Storms charge the air with an almost mystical feeling. The freezing temperatures help to kill flies, mosquitoes and fleas. If you have pets, you know the flea season is really rough after a mild winter.

Sun, rain, storms, heat, and freezing temperatures all have their place in the cycles of nature. They all are beautiful. So it is with our lives. We have our seasons and our weather. All these environments have their place in the cycles of our lives.

We have things to grow, dreams to water, pests to kill, and moments to simply stand in awe and watch God move to take pleasure in the seasons of our lives. We should remain obliged to the Creator of all these weather and the Creator of this universe for granting us such boon of which many around the world craving for. Just love the nature, as they say, “You can not be broken by nature if you are a part of it”.

As a rule man is a fool
When it’s hot he wants it cool
When it’s cool he wants it hot
Always wanting what is not.

The writer is a freelancer and a political analyst lives in Islamabad.

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