Monday, January 4, 2010


Lots of people have a favourite colour - but very few take it as far as one Los Angeles woman, who is so obsessed with the colour pink that all her clothes, her house and even her dog are the colour.

Kitten Kay Sera, 46, says that she's had her pink obsession for 25 years - and hasn't worn anything but the colour for much of that time.

Kitten, an actress, even wears pink to funerals, has decorated her home in California entirely with pink, and has gone to the length of having her dog Kisses dyed to match.

So strong is her devotion to pinkness in all its forms that she has even broken up with lovers if they didn't share her passion for the rosy hue.

Kitten insists that she isn't strange - she says that she simply has a natural affinity for the shade, which makes her feel 'lovely and luxurious'.
Courtesy METRO