Saturday, January 9, 2010


By Mahtab Bashir

After a span of over two and a half years, I am enable to take some time off, make few of my brain’s cells active, hold my pen, thought a bit, had a cup of tea & . ........ and put down few lines!!! Here it goes … with the title of WHY DO PEOPLE …

Why do people
Sell their esteem
Stoop so low
To replenish their need

Why do people
Forget the distressed
Replace their hunger
Devour bread of the bereft

Why do people
Not live for love
Heal the destitute
And gain their trust

Why do people
Murder pledges in inferior
All they need is
Devotion not desire

Lets prove it to them
That they are not alone
It was us- the ignorant
Not they- the indigent.

By Mahtab Bashir


attiya said...

yeah yeah,u r absolute right student,but den its not utopia its the real real bad world of avarice,greed,selfishness,n self praise.

Anonymous said...

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m@ht@b said...

yes u r right teacher!!! but these words r not Shrieking for Utopian ecstasy, rather addressing to get FUNDAMNETAL rights. Fundamental rights – teacher!!!