Saturday, January 9, 2010

HINT: Look NO further than PPP

Here are a few questions that might be set in a paper of politics.
All questions are compulsory.

1- Why was the police officer who ordered washing of the place of murder of Benazir Bhutto given promotion?

2- What do you know about the Ph.D. degree that Mr Babar Awan claims to have? Is it real or fake? Give arguments in support of your opinion.

3- Who said, "Promises are not hadith or Quran". Write a short note on the personality.

4- Why every new government says "all problems we have are legacy of the previous government"?

5- Name three of the most incompetent blue-eyed ambassadors of Pakistan abroad.

6- Name at least three CSPs who were given out of turn promotion in violation of all rules.

7- Which real estate tycoon presented fully-furnished, palatial bungalows to various VVIPs. Name at least one VVIP and the location of his bungalow.

8- What do you know about Surrey Palace? Briefly describe its architectural style and the living style of its owner.

9- Name the personalities who said:

a) I will turn Lahore into Larkana.

b) We will break the legs of whosoever tries to destabilize our government.

c) We will gouge out the eyes of our enemies.

d) Pakistan nah-khappay.

e) We should use Sindh card.

10- Name the ten most celebrated clowns in the present cabinet. Write a short note on at least two of them highlighting their shameless sycophancy of the President.
Courtesy S Mehmood

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