Thursday, January 15, 2009


You said forever, we’ll cherish our dreams together …….
In Memory of
Muhammad Moazzam Bashir
(June 08, 1959 – January 14, 2008)

It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.

Please join us
as we commemorate the loss of
Muhammad Moazzam Bashir
(Additional Commissioner- Income Tax)
on his 1st death anniversary on 18th January (Sunday), 2009.
Program (In Sha Allah)

Qura’n Khawni/ Na’t Khawni ………. 10:30 am
Dua’ ………. 12:30 pm
Lunch ………. 1:00 pm
At House # 2026, Street # 32, I-10/2, Islamabad
Bashir Hussain Nazim
(Pride of Performance)
0345- 5069323
Muhammad Mahtab Bashir
0300- 52 56 875
Reliving the memory of Muhammad Moazzam Bashir (RIP) Celestial Realm of awe and admiration of his personality inspires our hearts, kindness, intellect and prudent intelligence kindles our thoughts. It is requested to all of you to pray for Moazzam Bhai's maghfirat. May Almighty Allah bless his soul in eternal peace and grant us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and give us strength to nurture his all three daughters to his penchant.

A year has passed for me
A year without my loved one
It may seem like eternity
It may seem like yesterday

Time has led me on
Somehow I have survived
With the pain in my heart
Life changes its meaning
What once was important is different
From this enormous void

I hope that my bro
would take comfort in knowing
That his remembrance on this day
As you join me in prayers
In honoring my beloved
Both in life and in death.

Muhammad Mahtab Bashir
Cell: 0300- 52 56 875

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