Sunday, October 3, 2010


A Page of my Diary
Muhammad Mahtab Bashir

Dedicated to my dear one!

The innocent smile. The mute story of beauty. The sacred look that does not chase worldly temptations. The voice that is uttered to praise the Creator and the birth envy that person who can stimulate the most sensitive part of your heart and mind. The chastity that is preverbal but the words cannot interpret it. The youth that is desirable. The character that is unparallel. Her beauty is not in her ivory neck but in the bow of her neck. Her beauty is not in her bewitching eyes but in the lashes that covers them from inducement. The captive of her beauty has to adore the bond, which is between two human beings.

The sweet fragrance, the seven colours, the splendor of sky and green forests, the precious gold and the mountain brook, the chirping birds and the playful kitten, the calm sea and the moonlight night, the smiling face and the mischief of a child, the power of pen and the magic of words, the sensitivity of a bubble and the conscience of a believer, the mercy of mother and the devotion of a soldier, the valor of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb, the sweetness of love and the determination of a freedom fighter, the heart of a woman and forgiveness for those who do her harm- all these qualities are a part and parcel of her character.

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