Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.

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May we always be each other's best friend,
May our mutual respect continue to be so
May our successful marriage continue to bloom and thrive
And our love to flourish, prosper and grow
Have a wonderful day on 2nd Wedding Anniversary

With the countless blessings of Allah Almighty and myriad prayers of family members, near and dears we (Lalarukh/ Mahtab) have completed two years of our nuptial relationship (on April29, 201
4) and the smooth going is on and on…! I am happy to drop few lines here that during the course of these 730 days our relationship has flourished more as we really have started to know each other. We have had our ups and downs, good times and bad, but ultimately ups and good remained constant feature during the phase. Thanking more to Almighty that since April 29, 2012, my ‘Better Half’ does not become the ‘Bitter Half’ and we believe that things will only get better that we’ll grow closer with time to come. We also make our resolution that our love for each other would not be on the slump with the arrival of a little angel Muhammad Ibrahim (born on April 12, 2014).  

Now marking two years since Lala and I said ‘Kabool hay’ thrice, we are still crying for our focal family members, nature has taken away quickly but I am sure as we are setting for a groove, our bonding relationship would go upto a stage that a great poet someday will pen tribute to our love. HAA (sigh)!!!

To me, marriage- start to finish is a constant struggle. One must learn to compromise. One must learn to apologize and one must learn to grovel. Communication can be the oil that greases the marital gears. It can also be the monkey wrench.

Last but indeed not the least, recapturing the magic of being newlyweds (even after 2 years or rest of life) gives one everlasting soothing feelings!

It would be sheer injustice if I would not acknowledge the role of my beloved wife for standing beside me during this two years life time. She remained along me through thick and thin. With massive thanks for making an impressive start of a long journey I would also like to dedicate a ghazal (to my wife) sung by ghazal maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Here it goes!!!

Aap se milke hum, kuch badal say gaye
(after having met you, I have changed somewhat)
Shair parhnay lagay, gungunay lagay
(I've started reading poetry, humming to myself)

Pehlay mashhoor thi, apni sanjeedgi
(first I was well-known for my seriousness)
Ub to jab daykhiyeah muskuranay lagay
(now everytime I'm seen smiling)

Aap se milke hum, kuch badal say gaye
Shair parhnay lagay, gungunay lagay

Hum ko logo say milnay ka kab shouq tha
(when was I ever interested in socializing?)
Mehfil araii ka, kab hamay zouq tha
(in gatherings, and relish?)
Aap kay wastay hum nay yeah bhi kia
(for you, I even did this)
Milnay julnay lagay, aanay janay lagay
(started mingling, started going out)

Aap se milke hum, kuch badal say gaye
Shair parhnay lagay, gungunay lagay

Hum nay jab aap ki daykhe dilchaspiyaan
(when I came to know your jolly interests)
Aa gaeein hum mein bhi tabdeliyean
(even I changed)

Ik musawwir say bhi ho gaye dosti
(I made friendship with an artist)
Aur ghazalein bhi sun’nay suna’nay lagay
(and started listening and reciting poetry)

Aap ke baray mein pooch baytha koi
(when someone asked about you)
Kia kahein hum say kia badhawasi howi
(what can I say, I become very nervous.. hobble)

Kehnay wali jo thi, baat wo na kahi
(instead of saying what I was suppose to)
Baat jo thi chupani, batanay lagay
(I revealed what I was supposed to hide)

Aap se milke hum, kuch badal say gaye
Shair parhnay lagay, gungunay lagay

Ishq bayghar karay, ishq bayghar karay
(love makes you homeless, love makes you homeless)
Ishq ka such mein koi thikana nahi
(truly there is no home for love)

Hum jo kal tak thikanay kay thay aadmi
(until yesterday, I used to have a place)
Aap se milke kaisay thikanay lagay
(after meeting you, look how I've become homeless) (Irrelevant ;-)

Pehlay mashhoor thi, apni sanjeedgi
Ub to jab daykhiyeah muskuranay lagay
Aap se milke hum, kuch badal say gaye
Shair parhnay lagay, gungunay lagay

Mahtab Bashir is an independent blogger who believes that marriage is a mistake, everyone should make.


Sobia Nosheen Saleh said...

Beautiful ! Masha'Allah. May Allah shower his Blessings on you both. Stay Happy ! Aameen.

Sobia Nosheen Saleh said...

Masha'Allah beautiful. May Allah shower his blessings upon you both. Aameen.