Saturday, March 6, 2010

HUMOUR is the Biggest TURN-ON in Bedroom

You know it’s time to sex up your... umm sex life, when the passion goes out of fashion and action between the sheets is more about yawns than yearning. And no, we aren’t recommending aromatherapy or aphrodisiacs, candles or cushions, toys or technology. Just a healthy dose of laughter, which can take your sluggish sexual chemistry from agony to ecstasy.

How does laughter engender romance and love? “Laughter does not mean you’ve got to clown around or play the joker,” says Dr. Prakash Kothari, one of India’s most renowned sexologists, “The whole idea is to lighten up and treat sex as a journey where the pleasure is in the travel rather than the arrival. If you use your partners as sleeping pills, sex will eventually cease to hold any interest. Get adventurous and innovative. Like placing mirrors imaginatively and checking yourselves out while you warm up to the act. Be creative, not kinky.”

Laughter, say studies, is a definite mood upper for intimate moments. Media professional Sharmila Gupta*, who recently celebrated her twentieth marriage anniversary, says, “Laughter revs up the relationship and takes that special moment into the fourth gear immediately. Teasing smiles, uproarious shared laughter or muffled giggles are the stuff bedroom moments are made of.”

But while laughter could be the bind that strengthens sexual bonds as one grows into the marriage, does it perform as much when hormones and horniness are, anyway, high? Responding to this is the just-married emcee and popular TV personality Craig Gallyot, who says: “The biggest high of being married is that you don’t have to hide your kinky fantasies from society anymore. They’re all yours to experiment. We pick and choose our positions, and then double up with laughter as we struggle, contort and distort! Jokes and banter give way to sexual flirting and then it’s action time, folks!”

Even those in a relationship declare that cackles and chuckles heat it up for them. “Who wouldn’t like some sexy humour in bed?” asks Alistair Mendonca. “It definitely helps relax and get into the mood. Jokes and games increase the time spent together instead of just getting down to the job and then hitting the sack. It also gets the blood rushing to all the right places,” adds the 29-yr-old IT engineer, who’s in a steady relationship.

For young corporate executive Reshma, even the brush of a feather against her skin amps up the “sack session”. “Bedroom humour”, she declares, “is one of the biggest turn-ons.”

So, if you’ve hit some kind of a dead-end in matters physical, may we suggest a good roll on your sides before that roll in the hay!
Courtesy TOI


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