Friday, September 26, 2008


By Muhammad Mahtab Bashir

People call me insane. They may be right because a person who tries to cling to the virtues of good and detests evil is not welcome in any society especially in ours. People call me moron may be because I cannot speak anything but the truth. I don’t feel twinge. I don’t feel isolated as long as I keep my ‘insanity’ intact.

When you follow the path laid out ahead of you by your conscience you can never stop. The path may be unpaved and ruthless but you have to go through. Thorns and bushes threaten to go along with you to the extreme, but slowly and surely the journey gets easier, exciting and colorful. You feel satisfied no matter what the world thinks of you. And there comes an ultimate moment when you start thinking ‘majority means all fools on the same side’ instead of ‘majority is authority’. It needs a strong willpower, as to me, the only discipline that really works in one’s life is ‘self-discipline’.

I know what to expect and what is going to happen next, I am neither an expert in making prophecies nor a fortune-teller but because I have learnt the rules of nature that make me strong. Many moons ago, an old sage advised me saying, “Listen my Kid! You can not be broken by nature, if you are a part of it”. And being a quick learner, I start exploring the basics of life. Thereafter, I learn that If I plant flowers I will get flowers in return but if I sow thorns and anticipate aroma of flower out of it, it is a plain stupidity. Is it the reason people call me insane? No it is not. I have something more to say.

Is it san
ity to kill people? Is it sanity to destroy this beautiful world with weapons of mass destruction? Can you call a person sane who dropped the nuclear bomb to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Can you adjudge person a sensible who creates havoc with explosives from 9/11 to 20/11? Is it sanity to kill innocent people? Is it a coherent society where rich is getting rich and poor is on the verge of extinction? Is it all fair to exploit poor masses?

Stop it all! Now tell me frankly but truly, do we have the courage to make this all odium? I don’t know about others’. But yes I have that valor to raise my voice against all such evil forces. I will go ahead on the path of virtue. People like me may be called brainless but I am happy to be called insane as it inserts my name in those privileged members list of Aristotle, Mansoor Hallaj, Confucius or Carl Marx to name few.

People have their reasons and I have my own. The world goes on like this. Lets see whose’ gonna win.

Muhammad Mahtab Bashir
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