Thursday, November 15, 2012


I think so Prince William, (oho Queen ka grandson) he's turned out to be completely beghairat. Look at him. This trashy French magazine takes photos of his wife Kate Middleclass in topless and actually prints them and he can't do a thing about it. Beghairat! If you ask me, he shouldn't look left, he shouldn't look right. He should go straight away and burn down the French embassy in London to punish that French photographer and that dirty French magazine. And if he can't burn down the embassy then at least he should burn some French restaurants and if he can't even burn the French restaurants then he should go to Harrods and burn down the Chanel ka counter and beat up the make-up girls who serve behind it (never mind if they're English or Polish or even God forbid Pakistani - it will serve them right for doing naukri of Frenchies).

And I think so Prince William should also burn tyres and disrupt traffic in front of Selfridges and Harvey Nicholas for stocking Dior, YSL, Givenchy and other French brands. He should also stop anyone driving a Renault or a Citrong and drag them out of their cars and beat them up before setting fire to their cars. He should beat up all the schoolchildren who study French in England and set fire to their text books. He should teach everyone who has anything to do with France, such a lesson, such a lesson that not even their grandchildren will forget.

Mein tau kehti hoon, Prince William should even come to French Beach in Karachi and burn the sea over there also. He should show the French who's who and what's what, no? Everyone will do so much of wah wah of him and have so much respect for him after that. Vaisay, I think so it was totally beghairat of him to sue the magazine in French courts when he could be stroking anger outside. I mean, is he a man or a mouse? And also I'd like to ask why hasn't the British army's top ka General come out and complained to French ka Army Chief kay bhai why you have abused our Sovereignty, haan? I heard with my own ears Janoo saying that one day Prince William will be Sovereign of England and so Kate will be Sovereignty. Printing her nangi photos are obviously violation of British Sovereignty and William kay liye doob marnay ka maqaam hai if you have a ghairatmand perspective on life like us type of the people.

I tau just don't understand these William type fazool chooha types. And look at the French! This is the thanks they give to the English for liberating them from the Germans in World War II? And if you say anything to them aagay say they shrug and say, 'Say la we!' What cheeks!

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