Monday, February 14, 2011


(I know she wont read it & if she does, she isn’t my Valentine)


I see you in silver clouds
And when raindrops hit my window
I feel you in the gentle breeze
And when raindrops pour in the willow
I see you in the crimson twilight
And when soft moonlight brightens my night
I hear you in the rushing streams
And green valleys where beauty reigns
I see you when the dawn prevails
When the Sun comes up and darkness vanishes!

I know that the going has been tougher on you lately, but patience will bear you the sweetest of fruits. It is the sole soother in those dark and lonely nights when your life feels like a hallucination. When all the misdeeds of past and the guilts flow down from that once-praised mind to that cherished body. You feel like banging your head but patience and the belief in God keeps you alive and going.

Self-belief is what gets hurt the most but believe me no matter what happens, you are still the best and yes you can still rise again. So lift your face, feel the Sun, and take a deep breath. It will make you feel better. Yes, I know how it feels when none is ready to look at you, nobody believes in you, and when the best of moves backfire and nothing seems to be going your way. In those hard times- my friend, close your eyes and feel that I am there next to you, giving my shoulder to cry on.

But, look out! These painful times should not distract you from the path of honesty, goodness and truthfulness. Because these are the things that will keep you going on and lend you the strength to put up with these stiff time. They will serve as the light in your soul which will guide you and ensure that you make it in the end. Don’t feel ashamed in letting that overwhelming sea of tears drops out of your eyes. It will only enlightened your burden, your soul.

Hiding emotions and pain will only worsen it, but on the other hand, don’t let this turn into self-pity, for it will demoralise you further. Think that people who deserted you at this moment weren’t worth being with. But most importantly, I am with you- always near your heart!

Just like every dark night brings a beautiful and bright dawn, your life will soon meet the beautiful dawn. Trust in God and remember you are not alone and everything will be yours!


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Sana J. said...

Someday we'll know, if love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know.. Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know, Why I wasn't meant for you