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We are on the road to nowhere as Jean Jacques Rousseau says in the Social Contract, "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains". One thinks himself the master of others and still remains a greater slave than they. We are not at all free, it is just intended we should be. The potent gentry place a book of life in our cradle and we never get rid of it until we reach our graves, the final destination where we are in serenity and calmness.

The modus operandi of King of wishful thinking is like a spider's web that can catch flies but not wasps. That's why a public servant here is one who serves the public for his own good. The by now upper crust with win-decree from the King tramples all the hurdles in the field of humanity and the miserable hoi polloi being goaded by liars, dishonesty, hypocrites and pretenders in the name of help. The so-called prudent favor of potent gentry gives birth to life-long sufferings of a common man.

Every road of life ends up with a death. From good to bad everyone lives his life as a 'habit', like Jon Elia says, "faqat adato' ki warzish hay". It can be debated whether a man wants to prove the worth of his life or the life's worth for himself. Ultimately, he starts losing his interests in social contacts for the sake of livelihood. Now he is in a position to define what life actually is. But is the death a definitive solution of one's problem? Shakespeare says, yes, 'He who dies, pays all debts'. In present scenario, he is wishing for death because he can not emancipate himself from the bondage of daily edible prices.

Well, the unperturbed men (the leaders) always look busy in their whole lot of life in planning while the angels in heaven make a mockery of their scheduling which they set for themselves for the rest of flowery life, setting a side to their Maker, a Creator sans Whom permission even a leaf can't take a twist. And the history derailed a lot of heavy mandated leaders' trains while sleeping on a bed of roses bogie.

The common man is in great anguish against the entrenched mindset since his inception. The dishonest bureaucracy and crooked politicians coupled with unjustified role of military in political circus is the main hurdle in the making of a flourishing state envisioned by the Jinnah and Iqbal. The mindset of politicians looking towards US and the big power for grabbing power.

People have suffered deception since the creation of Pakistan and expiry of the Quaid. But now the time of being duped is gone, they are now looking at Courts after using every means of their disposed to get rid of this. The cream of the crop by sending gifts of baton charge, tear gas and making people the missing persons to be punished for equality also reminds us the era of Dark Ages.

Rounding off this commentary, you can leave a will directing how to handle your money but not your reputation. The masses will attend to that. And now in global village a knave is respected, a great man suspected.

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a marvelous piece of writing. We're living for death. I read it via ur email.

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